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A. Harris Process Serving
About A. Harris Process Serving
Amber Harris of A. Harris Process Serving has been assisting clients since 2006. She prides herself on the professional, accurate and timely service of all legal documents. She has a background in law enforcement, and a diploma in Security and Law from Grant MacEwan College. She's a resourceful investigator, a creative problem solver with approximately a 95% success rate on all services! 


She knows that a good process server is an integral partner in the legal process. It is very important that you choose someone who is and/or knows:

* the rules of court, relevant laws and procedural regulations
* the need for a timely service
* a professional and calm demeanor is imperative
* that persistence is essential
* pays special attention to detail

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why can't I serve someone myself or have someone I know serve the documents for me?

In some instances you can. However, serving or receiving legal documents can result in an uncomfortable and unpleasant confrontation. A process server is an impartial party, therefore has no vested interest in the action. A good process server understands this and is able to adapt and handle the situation in a calm, effective manner. In other words, they take the heat, not you.
In addition, legal documents are complicated. It is important to know which documents need to be served and the timeframe they are to be served in. If a service is not conducted properly, or the affidavit of service is not completed to the required specifications this can slow the court process down.
Lastly, there are times when the people being served don't want to be found. A good process server has solid network and can locate people with greater ease.